Learnings for Life

Bringing sense to things

Ask Rox why she created this work and she will probably talk about her family and friends to explain her need to thank them for everything that she has learnt for them over more than 30 years; but if you ask Rocío, she will speak to you about reflexive leaning, about strategy, while she draws frameworks on any piece of paper she may find. After narrowing down this duality I came across a problem, which of the two is most self-conscious? I finally understood that the only conscious part is the work itself.

The paintings that constitute her work are inspired by a learning, a piece of advice coming from someone external or from the artist herself. Having written down all these learnings on a piece of paper, I realised that many ideas repeat themselves: love towards oneself and towards others, empathy, carpe diem…but, above all, I realised that many of these messages have been part of conversations since our childhood. This brought me reflect on “folk wisdom” and the significance of words. We often ignore advice, we empty its content, we don’t give enough importance to words but something beautiful happens when words sink in, when you bring sense to the expressions such as “give time to time”.

This is what the artist talks about, in her own way: of turning advice into learnings, of bringing sense to what one has experienced. An analytical need that pushes her to create her own mental map, memories of who she is and who she wants to be through a personal language that she has created in the journey from figurative to conceptual. Rox is an artist that uses paint as color and matter, in a creative process where she needs the presence of music, as if her intention where to leave to a side her reflections to allow herself to be guided by her senses. By letting herself go, she manages to connect with her emotion to give color to her head, to her concepts and bring her sensations into order. A very intimate creative process in which it seems, almost, as if the artist gives shape to pieces of herself that she needs to see. @Conce Almeida (Art historian and friend)

My 30 Learnings

1. UNIQUE DAY – (me)

This moment will never come back. You will never live this moment, this situation, this instant again…make the most out of every moment that life gives you. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you are excited about today. Live the magic of the present. – sold

11. THEY COME AND GO – (Andrea)

Some people will come in and out of your life and others will always be there. You have always been and will always be here. – sold


When you have doubts about which path to take, escape from your thoughts, disconnect in nature and approach things from a different perspective.


The right decision doesn’t exist. Leave to a side the fear of making mistakes, be faithful to yourself (your sensations, your intuition and your desires) and you will be right.


Look after the people with whom you want to share your life. Call them, support them, hug them and make the time that you don’t have to enjoy their company. 

22. SPEAK NICELY  (Justin)

Thank them, show them that you are grateful, highlight their virtues and let them know that you value them. Tell them all those little things because they matter.

3. LIFE IS A GIFT – (me)

Life, your family, your friends, your partners and the amazing people that you have met on the way have given you all the ingredients to be happy. You are very lucky.

13. SHARE SMILES – (Ames)

Nobody shines like her, nobody is as authentic as her, nobody falls in love like her. Nobody is such a partner of my laughter, like her.

23. YOU DECIDE – (anonymous)

You won’t be able to stop the other peoples’ bad intentions but you can control how they affect you and how you deal with them. Bad intentions of toxic people are counteracted with indifference. – sold


Music has the power to change your state of mind in a couple of seconds. When you need it, press “play” and vibrate with happiness. – sold


Although you find calmness in order, organising and planning, remember how magical it can be to let yourself go. – sold


When life punches you, understand that it isn’t personal, forget about the pain and analyse what happened to avoid the next punch. – sold


You are worth a lot, you are special, unique and when you forget there will always be people there to remind you. Don’t forget!


Some memories will remain our whole life but we will forget other many incredible ones. When you find a special moment, capture it so you can revive it forever. – sold

25. TIME IS YOUR LIFE – (Jack Ma)

Don’t spend your time on things that don’t matter. Consciously choose to do what you like the most with people who are worth it.


It’s not what you say but how you say it. Sometimes you should simply take things differently, put yourself in her skin, pause and express things to make her know that you love her. – sold


Allow yourself to be imperfect. Play more, dance alone, sing out of tone, jump, surprise and bring out your forgotten immaturity. – sold

26. LIVE WITH YOUR SENSES – (traveller en Iran)

Stop focusing only on getting to your objectives quickly and start enjoying all those little things that you are experimenting on the way. – sold


Before asking, give and before you receive, share. Because, you will only enjoy the pleasure of sharing by being generous.

17. LOVE IS ONE – (Fernando)

In love, we stop being “you” and “me” to become “us”. It’s not about being right, trying to change the other person, or doing things your way, but about finding a solution together. – sold

27. THINGS DON’T MATTER – (thief)

When they stole everything you owned you realised that, in reality, nothing matters. The most valuable thing in your life are the people. – sold


He doesn’t remind me of my mistakes. He highlights my virtues and shows me the person I could become if I brought out the best in me. I want to prove to him that I am the person that he sees in me.


Spend more time with positive people, with ideas, with projects. People who, like you, want to change the world.

28. BE SURPRISED – (magician)

Sometimes you should stop analysing so much and simply allow yourself to be taken to Wonderland. Magic only exists for those who believe in it.

9. YOU WILL MAKE IT  (Juanxo)

When you doubt yourself, when you ask yourself if you are making the wrong choices, when you ask yourself if you will get there, remember that he doesn’t doubt it. He knows you will make it. – sold


Only by pausing and listening actively will you discover that behind his words there are new points of view and new sources of knowledge. Hearing is not listening. 

29. LET’S BE CRAZY – (Marcos)

Let yourself go and enjoy the little things that life gives you. You will discover unimaginable feelings, unexpected moments and magical memories. – sold


Look after yourself, give yourself more time and you will find in you what you admired in her. Her carmine lips, her groomed hair, her perfect nails, her turquoise blue eyes, her elegance and passion.

20. BE DIFFERENT – (Jordi)

Get close to original and unique people. They are the ones you admire and those that will unlock your potential, breaking any barrier. – sold

30. YOU ARE WORTH A LOT – (all)

You aren’t standard and although sometimes it would help you to fit in, remember that your peculiarities, your perspective, your values and your strength is precisely what makes you special.